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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Robert M. Rey, M.D., MPP

Looking for an accredited Beverly Hills plastic surgeon offering the most current techniques in breast enhancement surgery?

As shown on E! Entertainment's television show, Dr. 90210, Robert M. Rey, M.D., M.P.P. is a respected Los Angeles plastic surgeon, author, and scientist who has helped numerous women attain the attractive breasts they desire for over 10 years. At his Beverly Hills practice, Dr. Rey and his staff will do their best to ensure that you will be pleased with your surgical experience.

Breast Augmentation

Performed routinely by Dr. Rey for the past several years, breast augmentation ("augmentation mammaplasty") is ideal for patients who are exhibiting dissatisfaction with the size of their breasts, reflect variation in breast size, and who maintain realistic expectations about the size and shape of their breasts.

Through the use of silicone-gel or saline breast implants, Dr. Rey is able to shape his patients' breasts to appear perkier, more symmetrical, and proportionate to their figures. Placing the breast implants either behind the muscle ("submuscular") or above ("subglandular"), the breasts may have a more natural contour. For your added convenience, Dr. Rey also provides several choices for breast implant insertion, such as through the:

A pioneer in the transumbilical incision method, Dr. Rey commonly employs this latest technique typically in combination with saline breast implants to achieve natural-looking breasts without scars. Placed through the belly button, this procedure is a bloodless procedure that produces little down time. With the results usually being long-lasting, with either surgical method, patients can begin to enjoy their new breast's shape immediately following surgery.

Completing an aesthetic and breast surgery fellowship at Harvard Medical School and offering the "minimal scar" technique, you can be assured that you are in experienced hands with Dr. Rey. Upon your arrival at your personalized consultation, he will help you determine which implant size, type, and incision technique, will be best suited for you.

To set up your appointment with our Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, contact our staff today at (310) 205-3107. Should you choose Dr. Rey as your plastic surgeon, the cost of your consultation will be applied towards the procedure of your choice.

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