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Dr. 90210 Featured Plastic Surgeon

A featured plastic surgeon on E! Entertainment's Dr. 90210, Robert M. Rey, M.D., M.P.P. has become recognized throughout Beverly Hills for his attentiveness and attention to detail during each step of the plastic surgery process.

A qualified Los Angeles plastic surgeon, scientist, and author, Dr. Rey has 10 years in practice to aid you in reaching your aesthetic goals. Known for achieving dramatic results in his breast surgery procedures on Dr. 90210, Dr. Rey is an excellent choice for patients wishing to increase the size of their bust line, or simply looking to improve their overall body appearance.

Procedures Performed on Dr. 90210

Having assisted several men and women in correcting a variety of imperfections throughout their bodies and faces, Dr. Rey realizes the dramatic impact that plastic surgery can have on a patient's life. Some of the procedures that Dr. Rey has performed on the television show, and routinely within his practice, include:

Offering the "minimal scar" technique with numerous procedures to contour the body, Dr. Rey can achieve natural-looking results without noticeable scars.

By dedicating his time directly to the patient during the initial consultation, Dr. Rey is able to answer any questions the patient may have, explain both benefits and risks of the procedure, and present before and after photos of his work for the patient's consideration.

To schedule your appointment with our "Dr. 90210," please feel free to contact our staff at (310) 205-3107. Upon completion of your initial consultation, should you decide that Dr. Rey is suited to be your plastic surgeon, the fee of your appointment will be automatically applied towards the final cost of your chosen procedure.

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