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Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

As a Los Angles plastic surgeon, Robert M. Rey, M.D., M.P.P. understands the importance of a beautifully shaped appearance. Dealing with several patients, including post pregnancy patients, on E! Entertainment's television show, Dr. 90210, Dr. Rey understands the required commitment to help patients feel more confident and pleased with their bodies.

As a talented scientist, author, and plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills for over 10 years, Dr. Rey has attained a vast amount of qualifications to make certain that he is fully capable to help patients regain the figures they once had.

Post Pregnancy Procedures

Although pregnancy may be a joyous time in a woman's life, the aftereffects may not always be so welcomed. Due to the strain that is placed upon a woman's body during pregnancy, and after, the body may go through extreme changes, such as weakened abdominal walls, excess skin and fat in the abdominal area, sagging breast, increased size of the labia minora, and stubborn fatty deposits throughout the body.

To help combat the results of childbirth, and restore the body to its once youthful appearance, Dr. Rey employs a variety of plastic surgery techniques that include:

Performed individually or in combination, Dr. Rey is able to remove stretch marks, reduce "flab" in the abdominal areas, increase bust size, rejuvenate the vaginal region, and provide the patient with the shapely curves they used to have.

Utilizing his "minimal scar" technique during the surgery, Dr. Rey may suggest a transumbilical incision method for breast enhancement surgery. Inserted through the belly button, this procedure will produce less down time than other methods, produces no scar, and is also a bloodless technique. With long-lasting results, patients can begin to take pleasure in their new shape immediately after surgery.

Dedicated to providing his patients with excellent quality and care, our Los Angeles plastic surgeon and his staff will make sure that your visit to his Beverly Hills practice is comfortable and pleasant. A potentially life-changing experience, Dr. Rey is excited to help you get started on your way to achieving a better body. Therefore, he will apply the cost of your initial consultation towards your selected procedure(s).

Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Robert Rey today by contacting our staff at (310) 205-3107.

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